Marlin and Tuna Lures

Lure for fishing for Tuna and Marlin ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches in length.

Fishing Essentials Lumo Squid


Needle Fish Lure Skirts


Kilwell Pacific Teaser Tuna Lure


Neptune Tackle Cup Head Lure


Yamashita Golden Bait 4 Octopus Skirts


Neptune Tackle Jet Head Tuna Lure


Kilwell Pacific Tuna Tickler Lure


Zuker ZF Feathered Tuna Lure


Zuker ZG Grass Tuna Lure


Catch Squidwings 200g


Kilwell Pacific Baitfish Lure


Kilwell Pacific Hawaiian Lure


Kilwell Pacific Feral Lure


Zuker 8 1/2 Grass Skirt Lure


Kilwell Pacific Bigeye Lure


Kilwell Pacific Streaka Lure


Pakula Medium Shredder Lure


Zuker ZM5.5 Marlin Lure


Pakula Phantom Lure


Pakula Cockroach Lure


Pakula Large Shredder Lure


Pakula Sprocket Lure


Pakula Medium Sprocket Lure


Pakula Meduim Sprocket Jet head Lure


Pakula Changa


Pakula Rat Lure


Pakula Jet Sprocket


Pakula Wombat


Pakula Extra Large Shredder Lure


Pakula Paua Pacemaker Jet Lure


Pakula Smoking Jo Lure