Daiwa Freams Spin Reel

Steeped in a culture of technical innovation, 2015 sees Daiwa release one of its most value-packed light spin reels with Magseal Technology and the new, intelligent Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD). Already jam-packed with Daiwa’s latest technologies, combined with stylish looks and a contemporary design,  the Freams LTD delivers on price and delivers on performance to be one of the standout reels in the Daiwa range. The Freams’ LTD utilisation of Daiwa’s design innovations doesn’t end there with the game changing Air Rotor providing enhanced looks, design and performance. Air Rotor is as light as air and as strong as steel, and delivers balance, weightlessness and strength like never seen before for ultimate reel balance and performance. Cutting edge design and performance are all part of the package with the all-new Daiwa Freams. By combining ATD and Magseal with other design features like Digigear, ABS Spool, Airbail, Twistbuster and the game changing Zaion Air Rotor we’ve delivered a great valued reel with enhanced looks, design and performance.


Daiwa Freams LTD 2500 Spin Reel


Daiwa Freams LTD 3000 Spin Reel


Daiwa Freams LTD 4000 Spin Reel