Maple Smoked Snapper

This is an easy to follow snapper smoking recipe I have used many times before, Using Maple to smoke it gives it a great light smokey flavour


  •  Gut, gill, remove the head and split the snapper or if you have a few nice ones to smoke simply remove fillets leaving the skin on and cut in to portions approximately the same dimensions as a Bradley rack. you can to smoke the heads and backbones also as there is plenty of tasty meat in around the head and bones and also ensures as little wastage as possible,
  • Sprinkle about two teaspoons of Bradley Maple Cure on to the flesh and gently massage in with fingers to achieve an even covering then pour maple Syrup over fillets.
  • Place snapper in to the fridge for between 12 to 48hours. I've found the longer the cure the better the smoke flavour is through the fish.


  • Remove snapper from fridge and allow it to obtain to room temperature.
  • Preheat your Bradley Smoker to 88 degrees.
  • Brush some maple syrup on to the fillets and again massage in to flesh.
  • Place racks in to the smoker.
  • Start the smoke generator with Bradley Maple bisquettes (or use Alder or  Pacific Blend for a strong smoke flavour) for 2 hours and with the oven set at 88 degrees for 3hours.
  •  At the 3 hour mark shuffle the racks around from top to bottom and bump the oven temperature up to 103 degrees for an hour or so until the surface of the snapper takes on a golden glow.

…and that is it! simple, no fuss and delicious!

Hot smoked maple snapper straight out of the Bradley wrapped in fresh bread rolls is superb but even when cold on crackers with your favourite cheese or Aioli when entertaining or as the main ingredient in a traditional fish pie it is a real treat.

If you intend to chill or freeze some of your fine product for another day then investing in an Innovation Vac & Seal is highly recommended – these nifty devices quickly remove all the air from and double seal the bags to preserve and extend the life of  your smoked fish and meats.

Recipe Credit Bradley Smoker NZ: