Basic Guide to Cleaning Your Reel

I often get asked how I clean my gear when I am finished a day’s fishing. I have a simple process I have used for the last 20 years and have had good life out of my reels and rods.
1. Tightening up any drags, this helps prevent any water getting in the drag system and affecting the performance of the drags.
2.  Mix a small amount of dish washing liquid in warm water and grab a soft scrubbing brush. Scrub the scales, bait and any other undesirables from the rod and reel. The warm water helps to dissolve any salt left on the reels and the dish wash liquid help remove the bait and scales easily.
3. Use a spray mist on the hose to rise off the soap, avoid high pressure on your reels as the high pressure can force water into the reel and affect the performance of the grease inside.
4. Leave to dry
5. Spray with a spray lubricant such as Tackle Guard, or Inox, these products use either fish oil or lanolin as a base and will have little effect on the line and rubbers on the reel. These products also help to deter corrosion and disperse water from the reel.
6. Loosen off you drag when storing you reels, by leaving your reels drag backed right off when you store it you will reduce the chance patchiness and inconsistency in your drag.