Making Hapuka Dropper Rigs

Winter is great time of year to target deep water species, this dropper rig is simple to make, and can be used for snapper dropper rigs as well.

What you will need:

  • Mono Leader 200 to 400lb and 30lb for a sacrificial line
  • Fluoro tubing
  • Crimps and crimping pliers
  • 12 to 16/0 Circle hooks, either stainless steel or steel will work fine
  • a lighter

What to do:

Thread a crimp onto the 200lb Leader, followed by a small length of Lumo tube aprox. 20 to 30mm long, thread the end of the Leader back through the crimp so that the Lumo tube has created a loop that you can put a clip from your swivel through. Pull enough leader through the crimp that you can melt the end of the leader and create a blob. 

Using the blob to pull the crimp up to tighten the loop. Then crimp firmly.

Tie your first dropper roughly 550 - 600mm away from you tie off point, the easiest dropper knot is:

 Once the first loop is made thread a 50mm length of lumo tube over the loop that was created and put you hook on, it is important you put the loop through the front of the eye of the hook, this will ensure the hook will lay correctly and set easily.

Your next loop should be aprox. 800mm from the first this will help to reduce tangles. Most rigs are made with either 2 or three droppers depending on the anglers preference.

To finish off crimp a small loop in the bottom of the rig aprox. 800mm from the second loop. when fishing this I attach my sinker the the bottom loop using 30lb Leader, this ensure that if my sinker gets wedged in a rock I don't have to break 200lb leader to get my rig back.


Dropper Loop Knot Credit: