Kids Life Jackets

HutchWilco Life Jackets including Mariner Classic, Commander Classic, Hiwi the Kiwi, and Aqua Vest Classic Jackets.
What makes toddler and infant jackets different from adults and sizing guideline:
Infant: Designed for children from approximately three months to 18 months old. The buoyancy foam is concentrated in front of jacket to support child whilst in the water. The foam is shaped away from the neck area for infant's comfort. These jackets have a small amount of buoyancy at the top of the back, when used with a large split collar the jacket will support the head while keeping it clear of the water. The jacket has a front zip with additional adjustment strap and crotch strap to stop the jacket being pulled off when the infant is being pulled out of the water
Toddler: A larger version of the infant jacket, generally suitable for children approximately 1 -3 years

Kids Platinum Apollo PFD Life Jackets

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Hutchwilco Aquavest Classic Buoyancy vest - Child M

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