Sinkers and Moulds

We have a great selection of Sinkers and sinker moulds for a variety of fishing styles.

Egg Sinker - Various Sizes


Ball Sinker - Various Sizes


Reef Sinkers - Various Sizes


Jarvis Walker Viro Sinkas


Fishing Essentials Reef Sinker Pack - 1/2oz to 6oz


Fishing Essentials Bell Swivel Sinker Pack - 1 to 8oz


Fishing Essentials Ball Sinker - 1/4 to 6oz


Fishing Essentials Reef Sinker Pack - 8 to 24oz


Break Out Sinkers 3 to 6oz


Kilwell Skud Sinker


Kilwell Torpedo Sinker


Pakula Keel Rig Weights


Gillies Ball Sinker Mould


Gillies Pyramid Sinker Mould


Gillies Snapper 6oz Sinker Mould


Gillies Small Snapper Sinker Mould


Gillies Bomb Sinker Mould


Gillies Large Snapper Sinker Mould