Rigs and Sabaki

Flasher, Hapuka, Sabiki and Snapper rigs, pre made and ready to fish from Fishing essentials, Fish Fighter, Kilwell and Owner.

Fishing Essentials Strayline Rig


Hayabusa Mix Flasher Sabiki S507E


Hayabusa Mix Yarn Sabiki S502E


Fishing Essentials Flasher Rig


Hayabusa Squid Bait Sabiki S531


Hayabusa Saba-Kawa Mackerel Fish Skin Sabiki S-015E


Fishing Essentials Surf Casting Pulley Rig


Hayabusa Silver Fish Skin Sabiki EX110


Hayabusa Gold Flasher Sabiki EX121


Hayabusa Gold Flasher Sabiki EX120


Fish Fighter Flasher Rigs - Various Hook Sizes


Mustad Hapuka Rigs


Maxi Strike 2 Hook Flasher Rigs - 10 Pack


Long Line Traces 25pk