Speed Jigs

If you are chasing Kingfish, Snapper or Tuna we have the Jig for you. With great entry level jigs through to high performance hand painted Jigs. 

Catch Long John Slider 150g


Catch Double Trouble 100g


Catch Double Trouble 80g


Catch Double Trouble 60g


Catch Long John Slider 200g Jig


Kilwell Broken Arrow 250g Jig


Catch Double Trouble 200g


Zest Hardy Long 200g


Catch The Joker 300g Speed Jig


Catch Double Trouble 300g


Catch Long John Slider 300g Jig


Kilwell Broken Arrow 300g Jig


Zest Curved Slider 200g


Zest Super Deep 400g


Zest Super Deep 300g


Zest Hardy Long 300g


Zest Curved Slider 300g


Kilwell Broken Arrow 420g Jig


Catch The Joker 400g Speed Jig


Catch The Joker 500g Speed Jig


Owner 125g Gekito Jig


Catch Kingfish Value Pack