Inchiku Jigs

These Inchiku are dynamite on snapper kingfish, gurnard and kawhai, they are a great alternative to soft plastic baits and come in weights ranging between 15g, and 130g. The inchiku consists of a weighted head with 1 or 2 assist hooks tied either out the top or bottom of the jig, covered with an octopus skirt.

What Gear do you need to fish Inchiku? Light Inchiku you can fish on light soft bait sets or a light bait cast set, Inchiku in the 200g+ size are generally fished on jigging gear, either custom slow jig rods or speed jig rods.

How do I fish Inchiku? Inchiku can be fished either using a slow jigging method simular to fishing soft baits, they can be cast a slowly retrieved using a slow jigging motion, also they can be cast into a work up and fast retrieved, or they can be jigging mechanically. I usually fish inchiku while drift fishing over sandy areas, or a the outskirts of work ups.

The inchiku have a place in your tackle box, I have found them to be an excellent  alternative to soft baits and are easily fished out of a boat or kayak.


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