The Kilwell Rod range features a wide selection of Saltwater Rods and fresh water fishing rods that are proudly designed, in New Zealand and manufactured in New Zealand and abroad. Kilwell Rod Craft rods are made in their Rotorua factory by a team of highly skilled and experienced rod crafter's. Rods are built with the finest components, and pride in manufacturing. These rods include Heavy Metal Jig, Jelly tip, Texalium, Live Fibre, and Nano Rods. These rods are design to fished with all the passion and enthusiasm of their creators.

All Kilwell fishing rods carry Kilwell's Life Time Warranty.


Kilwell EG 5'8 15-24kg Fully Rollered Detachable Butt Game Rod


Kilwell EG 5'6 24-37kg Fully Rollered Detachable Butt Game Rod


Kilwell Power Play 222FXL Surf Rod


Kilwell Limited Edition 5'6 15-24kg Roller Tip Rod


Kilwell EG 5'8 15-24kg Game Rod


Kilwell EG 5'8 24-37kg Game Rod