Okuma Andros Fishing Reels

Okuma Andros II fishing reel - The new weapon in the Okuma arsenal is the Andros 5 II, Don't judge this reel by it's size, this reel shares technology developed with the Makaira project and will produce 11kg of drag. Winner of the best new Multiplier reel at the Effex 2010 Show. The Andros is available in both single and 2 speed options in the large size and single speed only in the narrow size. The narrow size is perfect as a light jig reel or inchiku reel, it is compact but extremely powerful.

Okuma Andros 5 Narrow Reel


Okuma Andros 5 Reel


Okuma Andros 12 Single Speed


Okuma Andros 16 2 Speed Lever Drag