Z Man Soft Baits

Z-Man® is a dynamic, Charleston, SC-based company with 25 years of manufacturing experience in the fishing tackle business. In fact, for years Z-Man has been one of the largest manufacturers of silicon skirt material in the industry. But just a few years ago, Z-Man® was a relative unknown to the fishing public. Sure, our ChatterBaits were creating a stir on the bass circuit, but only a handful of pros associated Z-Man with that dynamic, tournament-winning fishing lure.

Zman 7inch Jerk Shad Soft Baits


Zman 5inch Jerk Shad Soft Baits


Zman 3.75inch Jerk Shad Soft Baits


Zman 5inch PaddlerZ Soft Bait


Zman 4inch StreakZ Curly Tail Soft Baits


Zman 4inch PaddlerZ Soft Bait