Gillies Pyramid Sinker Mould

JM Gillies
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Gillies sinker moulds are designed to making sinker making easy, the have easy to pour mould and a variety of pyramid sinkers.

This sinker mould has a combination of the 5 most popular pyramid sinker sizes, 1 pour produces 5 individual Small Pyramid sinker.

This sinker mould includes:
1 x 1/2oz Pyramid Sinker
1 x 1oz Pyramid Sinker
1 x 2oz Pyramid Sinker
1 x 3oz Pyramid Sinker
1 x 4oz Pyramid Sinker


pre-heat mould and clamp together
pour molten lead into mould
allow to cool then un-clamp and remove the sinkers.

Safety instructions:
Use protective gloves and eye wear when using this product.
Molten lead can cause severe burns.
To avoid lead poisoning, Only use in well ventilated area.