Kilwell Broken Arrow 250g Jig

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Kilwell broken arrow 250g jigs are one of the most popular speed jig available in New Zealand, they come prerigged and ready to fish. The design is such that they will quickly drop to the bottom of the ocean, this makes them ideal for fishing in shallower reefs, when targeting snapper and kingfish.


  • These are a tail weighted slim line jig that will go very quickly to the bottom and has an erratic body action on retrieve.
  • Fitted with quality holographic tape then airbrushed and lacquered to give them their lifelike high grade finish.
  • Rigged with a single assist hook.
  • Looped onto a solid stainless ring.

Jig weight: 250g
Prerigged: Yes, single assist hook.
Target species: Kingfish, Bass, Hapuka and Blue nose