Asari Katana 100g Jig

JM Gillies
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The Asari Katana jigs are excellent for both shallow and deep water jigging for snapper, kingfish and kahawai. The external surface is made up of multi directional grooves and bumps, this creates vibrations in the water for that added fish attraction.

The Jig is painted with chameleon colours hold the top up and it shows the primary colour, hold it up the reverse way and it shows the secondary colour. This jig is also fitted with 2 assist hooks for maximum hook up rate.


  • Chameleon colour paint
  • 2 Assist hooks
  • Multi directional ribbed surface for increased attraction

Jig weight: 100g
Rigged: yes with 2 assist hooks
Jig length: 110mm
Hook Size: 3/0
Split ring loops top and bottom.