Salt Free Concentrate

Salt Free
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Salt Free is a unique, non-toxic, environmentally safe compound that when pumped into the raw water cooling galleries of a marine engine will de-activate, dissolve and remove the salt build-up.

Salt Free has been formulated in New Zealand to prevent new salt build up in your marine engine and break down existing salt corrosion. Salt Free will run through your marine engines cooling galleries and heat exchanger, keeping it clean of salt and putting a protection to stop further corrosion. This will eliminate chance of overheating or engine failure due to salt build up.

Salt Free is a formulation suitable for use as an inboard/outboard/jet ski engine flushing aid and is suitable for general cleaning of your marine equipment, keeping it in top and usable condition.

SALT FREE can be used on:

  • Boat, trailer, jet ski, car, 4x4, motor home/caravan scuba gear, wetsuits, life jackets, fishing gear outboard and inboard cooling systems
  • Machinery, farm equipment, mining equipment
  • Engine parts and tools
  • Sails and rigging
  • BBQ, outdoor furniture


  • Mix with water and apply with garden pump sprayer high pressure sprayer for large vessels
  • Use injector for engine flush
  • Attach injector to hose to apply
  • Soak in a bath of SALT FREE and water
    general use 25ml to 1 litre of water