Kilwell Glimmy 7g Spinner

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The Kilwell Glimmy Spinner is a popular lure used by trout and salmon anglers and come in an array of colours.
You need an assortment of sizes to match the area and conditions you will be fishing.

Each lure is hand painted in Kilwell Sports and come in six different colours that are finished with a clear coat of lacquer. The paint is on the convex side only so when the lure is viewed from behind, it appears to change colour
each time the lure spins. These lures are light for slow water ways or lakes. They are light enough to impart fish like movements during the retrieve. Change your lures throughout the day, brighter colours in the morning and natural coloured ones as the sun gets higher. All spin fishing is more effective during dusk and dawn or when low light conditions prevail

7 gm painted brass spinning lure.

Mounted with split rings, swivel and single hook.

Many colour options.