Berkley Tournament Catch n Release Landing Net

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The Tournament Berkley Catch n Release Landing net features a deep net, aluminium frame, EVA grips and fish measure. They are an excellent way to ensure that your catch is kept in the best condition possible for releasing it.

Fish friendly Berkley Catch and release netting,  large silicon netting that helps to reduce damage to fins and scales while still being easy to sweep through the water for efficient netting. The Berkley Catch and release netting makes it possible to have a net for both catch and release and catch and keep fishing.


  • UV Stable Net
  • Siliconised Rubber net
  • Fish Measure up to 60cm
  • Anodised Aluminium Handle and frame
  • Foam EVA grip
  • Deep Pocket net
  • Wrist Strap


Net Size (cm): 57 l x 43 w x 30 d
Overall Length (cm): 140