Halco Lockweld Wire Trace

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Halco Lockweld Steel Trace is a highly usable trace system that requires no tying or crimping. It makes excellent trace material when you need tough trace material for fish with supre sharp teeth.

How to use Lockweld:

  • Simply cut Lockweld trace to length leaving 15cm excess over the desired length.
  • Form a loop and ensure that the free end is crossed over the top and held between you fingers
  • Wrap the free end ina long spiral approx 8 times around the main leader wire pinching the 2 togeather every half wrap.
  • Use a flame over the entire wrapping area until the nylon coating welds the wire togeather. Do not burn the nylon completely. then cut off the excess after welding.


Spool Size: 10m
Strand Count: 7
Available Break Strains: 60lb, 80lb.