Attwood Tsunami T500 Aerator Pump

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The Attwood Tsunami T500 Aerator pump is ideal for refreshing the oxygen in live bait tanks. It features a compact design, with a highly effective pump. This pump can be installed in any dry area below the water line in any boat or live bait tank.

Tsunami Aerator pumps deliver high output from a small package. We use the most advanced material available, including the best quality bearings and state-of-the-art brushes, alloys and magnets. Our patented shaft seal prevents leaks caused by misalignment and our caulked and tinned wiring eliminates wicking, prevents water damage and resists corrosion.

The Tsunami Aerator pumps feature high-efficiency aerator units. Tsunami pumps deliver high output from a small package.


  • Move more water and oxygen into livewell tanks to keep fish active
  • Cooler-running motors
  • premium materials
  • watertight seals and waterproof wiring
  • Cartridges are replaceable and interchangeable between bilge and aerator pumps
  • Anti air lock
  • Includes outlet fitting hose to suit a variety of of applications and hose routes


Output at 0m: 1892 l/ph (500gph)
Output at 1m: 1665 l/ph (440 gph)
Required hose size: 1.9cm ID (3/4")
Amp Draw: 1.8 @ 0m
Fuse Size: 3amp
Height: 9cm