Portable Livebait Tank Aerator

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The Portable live bait aerator is excellent for aerating temporary tanks such as Chilly bins, Bait Buckets, or removable live bait tanks. The aerator uses 2 copper terminal clips to attach to your boats battery and suction cups to keep it in place.


  • Portable single piece live bait aerator to suit almost any application.
  • Supplied with 1.2 metres of electrical wire fitted with alligator clips.
  • submersible pump fitted with three suction cup
  • mounts and riser spray tube with adjustable flow control.
  • Every pump is in-water tested to ensure volume and amp draw are within specification.

** 12 Month Warranty **


Output: 12 volt, 16 l/m 948 l/ph (250 USgph)
Currant Draw: 2 amps

N.B. As with all submersible electric’s, attention is needed during
installation to ensure that wiring connections remain above water level.