Laser Trokar Extreme Hook

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  • Description

The Trokar Extreme Hooks are an excellent Live Bait hook that can also be sued for jigging. Its surgically sharpened point requires less effort to set the hook. Designed to drive home with a maximum of 60g pressure before cutting in.


  • Surgically Sharpened Hook
    The Three sided point that penetrate twice as fast as other point shapes, allowing for dramatically increased hook up ratios. The three facets of Trokar point are precisely and symmetrically ground for consistent performance, using the radically new Surgically Sharpened Technology. No other hook in the world is made like this. It results in a strong point that is twice as sharp as any hook on the market, and penetrates with half the effort.
  • Low Profile Barb
    Designed for easier penetration, yet ultimate holding power. The precise angle of the barb was determined by using highly specific geometric calculations.
  • Bolstered Wire Diameter
    Gives serious anglers a stouter hook that allows for aggressive hook-set and intense fights
  • Tempering Process
    Specifically tailored to manipulate the molecular structure of the Q741 Wire bringing out the maximum strength potential of the ultra-high carbon steel
  • Ultra Clean, cold forged, high carbon steel
    With increased carbon content and reduced impurities adds higher tensile strength. The steel then undergoes a unique heat treating process that imparts just the right amount of flex to resist breaking, along with higher impact resistance.
  • Welded Eye on 4/0 and larger hook sizes
  • Made in USA