Ezelap Pedestal Sharpening Stone

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The Ezelap Pedestal Sharpening Stone is a great multi trade knife and tool sharpener. The Ezelap pedestal sharpener is ideal for home or work. 

The Ezelap Pedestal Stone is easy to use,

  • Lay the blade flat against the diamond surface,
  • Elevate the spine of the blade roughly the height of the blades thickness above the stone
  • Rub in a circular motion
  • Start with firm pressure to establish and edge
  • Finishing with light pressure once the edge is established.


  • Heavy pedestal with non slip rubber feet
  • Diamond stone sharpener
  • can be used on a variety of tools and knives. 



Stone(cm): 15 L x 5 W
Pedistal(cm): 2.5 H x 17 L x 6.5 W