Attwood Bilge Pump Covered Float Switch

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Got That sinking feeling?  these float switches are ideal for underfloor drainage, you can set them up at the lowest point in the boat. When wired to your bilge pump they will automatically switch your bilge pump on when the water level gets to a certain height. 

The Automatic Float Switch converts any bilge pump that draws 12 amps (at 12 VDC) or 6 amps (at 24 VDC) or less to fully automatic operation. It features a compact, low-profile design that mounts on any surface from horizontal up to a 24° angle. No large voltage drop which reduces bilge pump output like some reed switch designs. Incorporates a reliable and affordable mechanical switch that actuates pump motor at 2" water level. Wire leads do not flex or hinge with the float as on some competitive models. Integral cover dampens bilge sloshing to reduce pump cycling, and prevents debris interference. Sealed switch mechanism resists moisture, fume ignition and electrical shock. Contains no mercury, a "Persistent Toxic Substance" listed as a health hazard in more than 26 states.

Float switch installs independently or directly onto the rear slots of the V-Series pump bracket. Features a convenient test knob to test pump operation.

A durable dependable solution for automatic bilge pump operation.
This automatic floatation switch combines durability and simplicity in a rugged, compact design that stands up to the toughest bilge environment.
The switch has few moving parts can can easily be installed anywhere - even in tight spaces
Dimensions: W98 x L133 x H73mm