Yamashita EGI-Q Live Squid Jig - Pink White, 2.5




The Yamashita EGI-o Q Live Search 490 squid jigs focus on temperature, Sound, motion and colour to help increase you catch rates


  • Warm Jacket is a cloth with heat storage properties wrapped around the lure shell.
    The Warm Jacket realises heat stored by absorbing sunlight. By incorporating micro particles into the yarn the lure is able to convert the light energy into heat. The temperature of the lures fitted with WARM JACKET rises by 0.5 - 1 ° C compared to normal lures. The heat storage property allow the lure to regulate the temperature even in the sea. The warm jacket mimics baitfish with a temperature slightly higher than seawater temperature making it easier for the squid to detect.  The warm jacket system is effective during day and even at night. Warm Jacket also converts light from weaker lights sources such as moonlight and night light to heat and stores it. Therefore, it has a high track record even at night time and scenes with little light intensity. 
  • Sound the Egi Q LIve search jigs feature a metal rattle that uses the lure shell to resonates the "ideal pitch" from maximum effect on the squid   
  • Motion  the Egi Q live search jigs have been designed with a combination of fast sink and maximum action to drop you right in the strike zone quickly.
  • Colour Yamashita use a combination of colours both bright, natural and lumo to maximise attraction, and increase lure performance. 


- 10.5 g (No. 2.5),
- 15.5 g (No. 3),
Sinking speed(Aprox.):
- 5.0 seconds / m (No. 2.5)
- 3.5 seconds / m (No. 3) A

Brand Yamashita

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