3 Simple Tips to help reducing wind knots when casting braid with spin reels

By: Mike   On: 1 July 2018 

1. Pack the line on tightly - By ensuring braid is packed firmly and evenly on to the spool helps prevent wind knots. By packing the braid on tightly and evenly the line will not create loops or slack line on the spool, the slack line can allow the braid when casting to pull multiple layers from the spool all at once.

2. Manually close your bail arm - You can prevent loops in the line by manually closing the bail arm as soon as your lure hits the water, by closing it manually and not by winding the handle the line will be captured quicker and aid with the line being spooled firmly and evenly onto the spool. 

3. Do not overfill your spool - Leave a 2 to 3mm lip from the top of the spool to your line. When you fill you spool to the brim the line sometime jump from the top of the spool as soon as the tension comes off of the line

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