Fuji Industry, as a leading company of rod components that builds a history of fishing culture, has been sharing impression and sharing joy with anglers for 80 years.

In the modern era in which globalization rapidly advances, many people are beginning to realize that harmony and fusion of people and nature is a place to heal minds and bodies. Among them, "fishing" which was a means to live a life from ancient times, while seeking its technological evolution, established a new culture as a familiar outdoor sports.

To fulfill diverse needs, from fishing that can be enjoyed easily by family members, to fishing that confronts nature stochastically, our company maintains the world's top quality manufacturing quality, and develops safe and safe products considering the natural environment I have been there.

We believe that the important factor for that is "Japan Mind" and I am practicing it. We will theorize the skills of the crafts inherited from our predecessors, evolve our products making full use of state-of-the-art materials and technologies, and further develop software (theory) and hard (products) for the future generations I am convinced that we can continue to create excitement and joy for anglers by telling both. The creation of a new fishing style to be a source of that is the responsibility and wishes of Fuji Industry. That feeling will not change from 1967 when it acquired the trademark of "FUJI" in 37 countries around the world prior to Japan.

From now on "Developing Manufacturing to Creating Industry" as a development philosophy, we will pursue exciting pleasure and excitement through fishing through craftsmanship and aim to become a creative company of culture.