Over fifty years ago, the original oval design and diamond coating of knife sharpeners was introduced to the professional trade by Harlan D. Hewlett, founder of Hewlett Manufacturing. The business evolved until JewelStik Diamond Sharpeners dominated the world market. Establishing their roots as an OEM manufacturer, JewelStik supplied diamond sharpeners to the world’s finest cutlery companies. Now, consumers are desperately seeking out the name JewelStik for their home kitchens.

Hewlett Manufacturing is the originator and world leader in the art of diamond coating and knife sharpening. Proudly made in America, JewelStik is by no means a ‘me-too’ product. Others have tried to copy, reproduce and imitate; none have come close. Lightweight and easy to use, these diamond sharpeners give a quick, razor-sharp edge every time. Their 100% diamond coating is aggressive enough to provide a new edge to a dull surface on any hard steel; yet will not harm your expensive cutlery.

JewelStik’s standard oval sharpeners are available in 5-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch lengths; in a professional width of 3/4-inch or a consumer width of 1/2-inch. All are electroplated industrial monocrystalline diamonds, meaning they are one headed - not multi-headed - which makes for a perfectly even surface. No gaps or spaces and certainly no raised bumps. When you use an industrial diamond that is polycrystalline, your surface is sporadic and not smooth and even. This certainly affects the edge you achieve on your knife blade.

These American-made products offer a lifetime guarantee and will continuously perform like new every time for years to come.

Your JewelStik will sharpen countless knives. No gimmicks or tricks, just good-ol’ sharpening – and so convenient anyone can do it.

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.