Owner Super Mutu Circle Hooks - 7/0, 4pk

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The Owner Super Mutu Hooks are a hook designed for rigging large live baits and big chunk baits for use in deep water when targeting big Kingfish, Hapuka, Bass, Marlin or Southern Bluefin Tuna. Super Mutu hooks have precision engineered forged, offset, chemically sharpened “hangnail” Super Sharp Needle Points. Fish normally hook themselves, usually in the jaw rather than being gut hooked. When the fish takes the bait, simply kick the reel in gear and wind. The resistance of the line causes the fish to turn and the hook slides to the corner of the fish's mouth where it automatically locks around the jawbone for an instant hook set. XXX STRONG shank with a very corrosion resistant black chrome finish.


  • Chemically sharpened Super Sharp 'hangnail' Needle point
  • 3X Strong forged Hook for extra Strength
  • Anti corrosion black chrome finish
  • Fish generally hook themselves when line tightens
  • Fish are normally jaw hooked rather than gut hooked


Fishing Styles: Ledger Rig, Deep water Bottom Fishing, drop line live baiting, Cubing
Target Species: Trumpeter, Kingfish, Hapuka, Bass, Blue Nose, Big Tuna, Marlin, Broadbill, Sharks
Colour: Black Chrome

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7/0 | 5
8/0 | 4

SKU 5127
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