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Whole Cajun Fish with Tzatziki Sauce

By: Mike   On: 26 February 2019

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2018 Okuma Epixor Reels

By: Mike   On: 11 October 2018

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The In's and Outs of fishing for Squid

By: Mike   On: 8 July 2018

Squid can be caught all year round, but best fishing for them is over the winter. Squid are awesome eating or the perfect lollipop bait for Kingfish.

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Making Hapuka Dropper Rigs

By: Mike   On: 4 July 2018

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Maple Smoked Kingfish

By: Mike   On: 1 May 2018

A great recipe for smoking kingfish in a Bradley smoker serves 16-25 portions

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Basic Guide to Cleaning Your Reel

By: Mike   On: 1 January 2018

I often get asked how I clean my gear when I am finished a day’s fishing. I have a simple process I have used for the last 20 years and have had good life out of my reels and rods.

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